This is really short review about my current paddle jacket. As a little disclaimer this is my first paddle jacket so I can't really compare it to others. :-)

The Hiko Breeze is a two layer jacket. I has double sealed wristbands inner latex seal with outer neoprene. Which is really nice in bad conditions because it also keeps your wristbands a bit warm. One of the main reasons why I bought it is that it doesn't have a latex collar. Since I am not into white water kayaking I don't need it and I really don't like it. The neoprene collar is a adjustable and you can easily open/close it while you are on the water. Which is extremely nice in changing conditions. If you start paddling in the morning sun you can open it for ventilation and if the weather changes to rougher conditions you just close it. Below the neoprene waist which can be fastened by velcro. The lace has a cord lock which makes it really easy to find the cord when you take it off. But the "killer feature" is the hood. It can be adjusted in the 4 ways and can fit any weather conditions from light rain, over winds to stormy weather. It has a cap-like lip to prevent rain from running into your face.

I have worn the jacket on my three days river trip in northern germany last year and it was a pleasure to wear. From warm sunny conditions though cold windy rain it did its job really well. If you are looking for a paddle jacket you should definitely have a look at the Hiko Breeze.